Structural track SLOTT60 for PVC and textile ceilings

Dimensions 200 cm



black, white

Track SLOTT 60 and is used for installation of PVC and textile ceilings.

This track is suitable for various interior solutions:

• light windows,
• multi-level ceilings,
• slots for curtains,
• slots for lights,
• integration of track systems, etc.

Key features of the system:

• Compatible with PVC and fabric ceilings.

• Harpoonless fixation system.

• Possible to fix 2 ceilings in one slot.

• Damper fastening system.

• Attachment to the basic ceiling.

• Track height 60mm.

Thanks to a special development – a damper unit, the system holds the ceiling strongly and evenly. At the same time, a gapless, aesthetic fit of the ceiling to the metal is achieved.

Perfect smoothness and evenness of lines, clarity and brevity are especially appreciated by perfectionists and everyone who loves order and harmony.

How is SLOTT 60 different from other products SLOTT 40 and SLOTT 80? There is NO harpoon attachment system.

Color: white or black