Collaboration with SAROS DESIGN means access to:

Easy start

  • Personal manager . Find the one who speaks your language HERE!
  • Free starting set of catalogues & print samples
  • Training and technical assistance
  • Free-of-charge software SD2 to draw and calculate ceilings
  • Training manuals on stretch ceilings installation

Reliable partner

  • SAROS DESIGN dealer certificate
  • The shortest lead-time  (starting from 1 day)
  • Prompt logistics service, convenient delivery arrangements and best prices from transportation companies
  • Assistance in establishing a show-room
  • Flexible payment conditions

Beneficial relationship

  • Attractive pricing policy – stretch ceilings direct from the manufacturer
  • Joint participation in specialized fairs and exhibitions
  • Design & marketing support

Training courses on PVC/textile ceilings installation

We at Saros Est provide special TRAINING COURSES on PVC/textile ceilings installation.

This training is suitable for both beginners and experienced installers, who do not confine themselves to standard projects, but are constantly looking for new skills, design ideas, installation options, etc.

The full course consists of 4 different modules:

Module #1 Basic course for beginners (theory and practice) This part is for you if you have no experience in PVC ceilings installation and want to start from the scratch.

Module #2 Textile ceilings installation (theory and practice)

Module #3 Luminous ceilings/wall panels installation (light windows, light lines, “floating” ceilings, etc.) (theory and practice)

Module #4 Stretch PVC/textile installation on KRAAB systems/SLOTT tracks (theory and practice)

Duration of each module-1 day.

You can take all of them as a full course or choose the modules you are interested in.

Max group size-4 person.

If you think that it’s time to take your skills to the new level just contact us for more details and rates. Feel free to schedule your visit!

It is easy to start mutually beneficial cooperation

  • If you are new to stretch ceiling business:
    Start your own stretch-ceiling installation business!
  • If you are an installation or repair specialist :
    Expand the range of your repair services with a stretch ceiling installation option!
  • If you are a constructor or an architect:
    Create unique interior designs using stretch ceilings!

To find out more and get a personal offer contact us:

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Stretch ceiling installation manuals

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15 Mb
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AUDI festival of speed
AUDI festival of speed
Astri shopping mall
Astri shopping mall
Palm Mall Shopping Mall
Palm Mall Shopping Mall
Shopping center Oshiland
Shopping center Oshiland
Triangular ceilings in office
Triangular ceilings in office
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