Textile wallcovering JM

We are delighted to announce the newest addition to SAROS interior solutions’ range: seamless printed textile wallcoverings JM Covertex UPcycling FR!

What are the main advantages of using

JM Covertex UPcycling FR?

  • Easy, clean, and fast installation. The usual water-based wallpaper paste is used for securing JM Covertex UPcycling FR textile wallcovering.
  • Complements both private and public interior designs.
  • No seams or joints! The wall height can go up to 310cm (500cm available upon request), with the length practically unlimited.
  • Any image from the limitless selection of Shutterstock.com or your personal pictures can be UV-printed on your wallcovering, elevating your interior design to a new level.
  • The basic wall can be of any color, as the backside of the JM Covertex UPcycling FR textile features a special nontransparent layer.
  • Thanks to the material’s durability, it is perfectly suitable for both residential facilities and public spaces.
  • JM Covertex UPcycling FR textile is eco-friendly, as it’s produced from recycled materials.
  • Reaction to fire classification: Bs3d0.

Short production time: from 1 working day!

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Are you searching for inspiration for your interior design? Look no further! Our team has curated a selection of images for your future wallcoverings and compiled them into a new catalog.

Take a look!

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