Descor® textile ceilings and wall panels

Company Saros Est is proud to be an official distributor of PONGS® Group, a producer of amazing Descor® textile.

PONGS® Group produce the highest quality textile. We use this material to make our textile ceilings and wall panels.

Descor® textile is a first-class fabric produced exclusively in Germany. The products are of high quality, durable, environmentally friendly which is confirmed by numerous certificates.

Fields of application:

  • textile ceilings (material width up to 5m)
  • backlit ceilings
  • wall panels (acoustic, with digital print)
  • acoustic solutions (ceilings, acoustic panels) Descor® PREMIUM Acoustic
  • diffusers for light fixtures
  • NEW!!! Banner material DirectTex®PES Mesh for outdoor use (5m wide)

What is special about Descor®textile ?

  • great solution for both ceiling and wall decoration (due to its durability)
  • width up to 5 m
  • apply any image to this material to make your interior special
  • create acoustic comfort in a room with Descor® PREMIUM Acoustic fabric (in combination with ISOVER SSP2 provides sound absorption class A)
  • “cold” installation, therefore no gas heater needed
  • furthermore, we also use the semi-translucent textile as a diffuser for our light fixtures SAROS www.saroslight.com
  • Fire class Bs1d0

Furthermore, all the necessary tools for textile ceilings installation you can order direct from Saros.

We are looking forward to making lots of amazing projects together with you & Descor® textile!

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