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SAROS DESIGN products take one of the leading positions in the stretch ceiling market. We supply our ceilings to more than 40 countries, virtually to all the continents.


A stretch ceiling is an important interior design element that serves to create a unique and personal atmosphere in any sort of environment. As a matter of fact, the range of stretch ceilings application is limitless.


Stretch ceilings have a huge advantage when installed in new buildings; their appearance will not change in case of shrinkage whereas a ceiling behind them may develop cracks and cavities.



Another advantage is that in case of leaking stretch ceilings can hold up to 100 kg per square meter. Besides, stretch ceilings are shock-proof (they absorb impacts caused e.g. by a ball or a Champagne cork), will not crack, fade and change colour with time.


SAROS DESIGN stretch ceilings are suitable for both new construction and for renovation, redesign and interior design decoration. Stretch ceilings are ideally suited to high humidity areas as the material used for them is unaffected by moisture and does not fear condensation.


The main advantage of our ceilings is a wide range of colours and finishes. The ceilings are provided with a long guarantee (10 years), and are simple and quick to install (a few hours depending on the room size to be treated). There is no dirt during installation. Competitive price is one more advantage making stretch ceilings rather attractive.



All the materials used for ceilings are subject to sophisticated multi-stage quality control. SAROS DESIGN ceilings satisfy high safety requirements, and are fire-resistant (Euroclass Bs2d0). Our main partners in Europe are such renowned PVC films manufacturers as RENOLIT SE, ALKOR DRAKA, and SEF.

SAROS DESIGN stretch ceilings are suitable for every room including rooms with high fire protection and environmental control requirements (i.e. nurseries, recreational and educational institutions).

SAROS DESIGN ceilings are designed to satisfy even the most fastidious taste:

• more than 180 colour shades and finishes
• any image can be printed onto SAROS DESIGN ceilings
• three-dimensional and multilevel structures
• stretch ceilings with a starry sky effect
• perforated and acoustic ceilings
• simple and fast to install
• 10 year warranty
• CE & ISO9001:2015


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