Perforated stretch ceilings

Perforated stretch ceilings is one of the current best-selling interior design trends. Those ceilings are next-generation ceilings opening up new creative possibilities.

A perforated ceiling structure is always a combination of two sheets. One sheet is used as a bottom, or a background, sheet whereas the other one is cut artistically. Both sheets are installed at a short distance from each other (or very close to each other) creating an interesting visual effect.

A cutting plotter supports fast and precise cutting of any images with a minimum hole diameter up to 2,5 mm over sheets up to 500 cm wide.

The holes can be of any size and shape, and will remain intact over time; they do not sag or distort even under differential temperatures.

Stretch ceiling is an important interior design element that serves to create a unique and personal atmosphere in any sort of environment. As a matter of fact, the range of stretch ceilings application is limitless.

Perforated stretch ceiling in the hallway
Perforated stretch ceiling in the kitchen
Perforated stretch ceiling in the living room

Back-lit perforated stretch ceilings

Quite often, matte-finish sheets are used for the background whereas top layers are of gloss finish, which enhances the illusion of depth bringing out a sort of 3D effect. Light, or, to be more precise, LED back-lighting is widely used to make that 3D effect even more striking. A combination of different types of lighting can produce stunning visual effects! 

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