Mirror panels

We at Saros Est manufacture and supply mirror panels made of polished stainless steel. These panels can be used both as a real mirror or as a interior element integrated to a stretch ceiling.

We have received a lot of requests for mirror ceilings, so we tried mirror film, fixed on a frame. However, this method wasn’t good enough. That is why we have mastered a new material: POLISHED STAINLESS STEEL.

What makes this material for mirror panels so special?

  • While giving a perfect reflection, steel is much stronger than an ordinary mirror. These panels are more reliable and durable;
  • It won’t break as ordinary mirrors do, so it is safer as well;
  • You may clean it if needed (without using abrasive materials);
  • Furthermore, in comparison with mirroring film, steel is easy to install in your interior: you get a simple ready-made object;
  • Sizes can vary up to 1100x1100mm. And if that is too small – we can make a composite product made of several panels (see below photo to see what the seam looks like);
  • No image distortion

We can offer 3 options: mirror panels can be surface mounted, suspended, or integrated with your stretch ceiling

We offer our panels in rectangular shapes with sharp and rounded corners or also in round shapes. Regardless of the shape you choose, reflection stays perfect.

Integrated round panels are fixed on a frame, which can also be powder coated in a color of your choice (contact us to see the available colors). Furthermore, powder coating is included in the price!

Installation manual for mirror panels

For your convenience we have developed the installation guide for different installation options.
You can download the installation guide here.

And last but not least, PACKAGING!

While mirror PVC stretch can be easily damaged during transportation, the stainless steel mirror panels are more durable and covered with special protective film which minimizes the risk of damage in transit.

So you’ll get your panels safe & sound:

  • covered with protective film
  • wrapped in air bubble film
  • packed in a cardboard box ( sizes up to 550  mm ) or in a plywood box

Packaging cost is calculated separately.

Mirror panels from Saros Design are a great solution for your private or public interior!

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