Recessed light line SLOTT 35 for textile and PVC ceilings

Dimensions 200 × 89 × 46 cm



SLOTT 35 is a system of recessed light lines for PVC and textile ceilings.

In this track, a universal damper system for fastening canvases is used.

SLOTT 35 is an open type recessed light line without a diffuser, with a visible line width of 35 mm. The main advantage of this model is a wide light scattering angle.

The system is sectional and consists of 3 elements: the main body of the track and two additional elements, which makes the process of installing LED strip more convenient.

Available in three colors:

black-white, where the white body is used as a diffuser, and contrasting black elements add volume and depth to the entire light line. Used with LED strip as a functional light source.
white version for longitudinal illumination. Used with LED strip as a functional light source.
black version IS NOT intended for the installation of LED strip, because due to the black color of the body, there is a significant loss of light. This option is used as a structural element, where you can, for example, install a track system, linear lights, curtain rods, etc.

Connecting elements (4 psc per one connection, straight/angled) and a cap for an open light line are supplied separately.

Material: aluminum

Track length: 2m