AirKRAAB track for PVC ceiling

Dimensions 200 cm


Track AirKRAAB for PVC ceilings is designed to eliminate possible “swaying” of the stretch ceiling.

One of the common problems after installing the ceiling is “walking” ceilings when the canvas sways when doors and windows are opened. The ventilation shadow track AirKRAAB is designed to balance the air pressure and eliminate possible swaying of the canvases in the room. The AirKRAAB reaches maximum breathability of the ceiling due to the large distance between the fasteners. It is enough to cover only part of the perimeter with this track to achieve the effect.

The fasteners can be also moved along the length of the track. Every 2m long track is supplied with 20 fasteners and 1 straight joining element. Corner elements to be ordered separately.
The ventilation channels aren’t visible and the track can be also combined with other KRAAB products.