P130 track for light boxes

Dimensions 600 × 35 × 130 cm


  • Easy to install and de-mount
  • No special training in the installation of stretch ceilings is required
  • Cold installation without any special equipment (no gas guns)
  • The possibility of unassisted replacement of ceiling sheets and access to the space behind the ceiling

Select the best supply option for you!

  • Uncut tracks (length in meters) supplied with connection kits (connectors for straight and angular connections)

Select this option if:

You do not know the exact size of your future installation and you have the equipment to cut the tracks yourself;

  • Pre-cut installation kits

The tracks are cut to the lengths and angles required. The kits are supplied with appropriate connectors and stretch ceilings at customer’s option.

Select this option if:

The exact size of your future installation is known;

You want to minimize the shipping costs due to smaller-size packs.

All you have to do is to connect the tracks on location and install the film membrane.

  • Ready-to-install structures

Select this option if:

Your installation is not very large and the shipping costs are sensible;

You prefer receiving a ready-to-install structure.


  • Ceilings are manufactured with a shrink rate of 1%;
  • Maximum width (boxes with lighting equipment inside) – 1.5 m,
  • Maximum width (boxes without lighting equipment inside) – up to 3 m.
  • If the width is more than 2 m, an inner spacer is required;
  • LED modules with 38 deg. lenses are recommended for side-lit frames;
  • We can also supply quasi-mirror ceilings (ceiling sheet width up to 135 cm) to be installed using these tracks;
  • Optional extra – tracks painting;

Width – 130 mm, aluminum anodized.