No. 32 Aluminum track for multi-level stretch ceilings with lighting

Dimensions 200 × 39 × 90 cm


Fixed-height metal structures can be made based on Track No. 32. This track is used for straight and curved ceiling structures where the ceiling height level changes at 58mm with decorative LED lighting along the transition line. Using this track, it is possible to build a structure for a ceiling with different height levels on site, or choose a prefabricated ready-to-install structure instead.

  • Hight level change with concealed cavity for LED lighting
  • LED strip is covered with the matt translucent insert to avoid visible light spots
  • Perfect joining of track elements using inserts
  • Minimum bending radius is 150mm
  • Reinforced track edge (ledge)
  • The track is available in 2 lm sections

General operational sequence with Track No. 32 structures is equal to Track No. 30.