Frequent questions

1. In what types of premises is it possible to install a stretch ceiling?

It is possible to install the stretch ceilings in any premises, they are absolutely safe. Installation in the premises with the raised temperature (steam rooms, hot-tempered workshops etc.) is prohibited. The application of the stretch ceilings is limited in not heated premises where the temperature falls below 0 degrees.

2. At what stage of repair is it better to install a stretch ceiling?

The stretch ceilings can be installed both during repair, and after it. The only one term is – the walls should be already repaired.

3. Do the furniture and the wall-paper get spoilt during the installation?

During the installation the temperature indoors is up to 60 degrees. The furniture and the other subjects of an interior thus cannot be suffered.

4. On what height will the ceilings sink during the installation?

The stretch ceilings are mounted on a distance of 2,5-3 centimeters from an existing ceiling, and if the recessed luminaries is presented than on a height of the luminaries. It is necessary to consult with a fitter before you are going to purchase the luminaries.

5. How much time is needed for the installation?

It depends on a complexity of the object. The installation in the room of 20 square meters is carried out within 4 hours.

6 .Does a new stretch ceiling have a smell?

Yes, it is, as well as any new thing, but the smell disappears within 2-4 days and in a month completely.

7. Does the stretch ceiling breathe?

Whether the parquet covered with a varnish or a multilayered laminate, vinyl wall-paper or a ceiling painted with acryl paint breathe? Modern synthetic materials are made in a strict conformity with the ecological norms, therefore anxieties concerning “not breathing” materials are proved by nothing …

8. Is the seam on the PVC film very appreciable?

The thickness of a seam is 0,2 mm; it can be considered at a light hit under a certain corner.

9. How long can the stretch ceilings be in use?

A term of their service is not limited. «Saros Design» gives a ten years’ guarantee for a cloth and a profile.

10. What occurs to the stretch ceilings if an apartment will be flooded?

Water will accumulate in a ceiling which thus sags; the ceiling maintains 150 l water per 1 sq. m., it is necessary to ask a fitter to pour out the water and to reinstall the ceiling. It occurs nothing to the stretch ceiling because it is not afraid of moisture, perfectly hold water and, thanking it the walls, the floors, the furniture and your nerves will be rescued.

11 .What care of the stretch ceilings is necessary?

If necessary the stretch ceiling washes with usual washing-up liquids without using the abrasive materials.

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