Palm Mall Shopping Mall Oman

The Palm Mall shopping mall is a joint project between Saros Design and NGA, our UK partner. An enormous art printed Star Sky stretch ceiling of a total area of 2540 m2 adorns the shopping arcade of the shopping mall in Oman. Saros designers meticulously draw every single star of the starry sky to prepare a printing file based on customer’s design. The sky itself was printed on 26 panels (white satin) and those were put together on site using special separating tracks. Our large format plotter printer can print on stretch fabrics up to 5 m wide making it possible to avoid any seams on large-area printed panels.

We took special care when packing the panels to ensure their integrity during long-time transportation. Reinforced five-layer cardboard boxes with panels were packed into cases made specifically for this order.

NGA specialists installed this rather challenging ceiling on site. Great work!

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