TWIN track for harpoon system (used with Magnet rail)

Dimensions 200 × 55 × 63 cm


TWIN track in combination with Magnet rail  is a great solution for ceiling design.

The track  is designed for PVC ceilings with harpoon installation. In combination with Magnet rail (ordered separately) it serves as a slot for spotlights, allowing for easy and quick installation of light fixtures (spotlights) and changing their location if necessary.

Additional elements for TWIN track lighting system installation, such as:

  • magnet rail,
  • input conductive module 48V (cable 0.5m),
  • set of TWIN corner and/or straight joining elements,
  • straight and/or corner connectors and/or 3-way soft conductive connector 48V,
  • end-cap(s) for the track, if it’s not attached to the wall from one or both sides,
  • power supply (internal or external, see the options below)

can be ordered separately.

Available internal power supply options:

48V 180-265V 100W
48V 180-265V 200W

Available external power supply options:

48V 110-240V 75W IP00
48V 110-240V 150W IP00
48V 220-240V 100W IP20
48V 220-240V 250W IP20


Magnet rail

MAGNET RAIL is designed for magnetic lighting fixtures M20 48V.

It can be used both in combination with TWIN track or for independent installation with surface-mounted, suspended, and built-in methods. Magnet rail end-caps can be ordered separately.

The electrical connections between the bars are made through straight and/or corner connectors 48V. An input conductive module 48V is used for power supply.

Color: black      Length: 2m

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