Curtain track

Dimensions 200 × 11 × 4.7 cm



Curtain track is a multi-functional PREMIUM track which serves as both a ceiling track, and a triple curtain track. It also has special slots for LED strip to fill the room with comfortable soft light.

Colors: white or black

The track has:

  • 2 central slots for mounting to the basic ceiling
  • 3 rails for curtain hooks, which give you more options for placing curtains (hooks to be ordered separately; stoppers for hooks are included in the supply scope)
  • 2 slots for mounting LED strip for side illumination of curtains.
  • NEW!  Longitudinal plug for harpoon masking (to be ordered separately)

The length of 2 meters makes the curtain track convenient for transportation.

Joining sticks (4 pcs per one joint) are included in the supply scope (when ordering 2 and more pcs).

The geometric shape of the track makes it easy to combine it with other Saros PREMIUM tracks.

Learn more about installation sequence here: