No. 31 Gapless aluminum track for multi-level stretch ceilings

Dimensions 200 × 47 × 100 cm



No. 31 Gapless aluminum track for multi-level stretch ceilings
Fixed-height metal structures to ensure gapless ceiling height level changes can be made using Track No 31. With Track No 31, it is possible to have ceiling height levels in straight and curved structures changing at the height of 65 mm without any installation gap between sheets, i.e. Track No 31 ensures so called gapless ceiling height level change.
• Min height loss 10 cm
• Ceiling height level change 6.5 cm
• No installation gap between sheets, decoration tape is not required
• The upper ceiling level matches with wall track
• Perfect joining of track elements using inserts
• Min bending radius is 150mm
• Reinforced track edge (ledge)
• The track is available in 2 lm sections

The general assembly and installation procedures for Track No 31-based structures are similar to the ones used with Track No 30.
When working with Track No 31-based structures, remember that it is impossible to de-install stretch ceiling sheets (undamaged).

It is recommended that you use a spatula with a 90° bent edge to insert sheets into tracks.
To ensure more secure fastening of the upper level, it is recommended that you use sheets with visible harpoons for the upper level.
If a Track No 31-based structure runs against a wall, follow the wall track installation procedure below to produce different height levels: