Problem of parallel strips on finished PVC ceiling

Have you ever encountered problems with parallel strips on your installed stretch ceiling made from wide stretch PVC?

If so, please read on! If not, feel free to skip this post

One possible cause of these strips may be the classic installation technique, in which the stretch PVC is first heated and the corners are fixed, causing the central part of the fabric to sag and form folds. As a result, the fabric warms unevenly, which can lead to strips on the stretched ceiling.

Our experienced installers have developed an alternative stretch PVC installation technique that can solve the strip problem. You can find the installation steps for this technique in the picture labeled CIRCULAR TECHNIQUE.

By following this sequence and using special corner clamp-stretchers, you can significantly reduce the risk of parallel strips on your finished ceiling. You can read more about the clamp-stretchers on our website:https://sarosest.com/product/corner-clamp-stretcher-2/

If you want to learn more about all the nuances of ceiling installation, you can book a training course at Saros, which will provide both theory and plenty of practice.

You can learn more about our training courses for installers here: https://sarosest.com/dealers/

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