It is important to know

  • The stretch ceilings should comply with the requirements of the European standard EN14716:2004 «Stretch ceilings – requirements and test methods». These requirements include conformity to the European norms on the reaction to fire, to the maintenance of some chemical substances and heavy metals, durability of the final product. It should be confirmed by the CE certificate and the declaration of conformity. Please ask these documents from the manufacturers and the installers of the stretch ceilings!!! Moreover, the goods and the package should be marked with CE. Saros EST OÜ – one of few European manufacturers who has the CE certificate for the stretch ceilings.
  • CE marks on the package do not confirm the quality of the ceiling and conformity to the European standards. Some manufacturers and the fitters of the stretch ceilings use CE marks and refer to the above mentioned standard illegally. Please request the CE certificate and the declaration of conformity.
  •  The quality control system of Saros EST OÜ corresponds to the international standard ISO 9001:2008. The certificate can be asked from our official dealers or from the managers of Saros EST OÜ.
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