Stretch ceiling

Oru 18A, 20205 Narva, Estonia
+372 (35) 6-63-20

About us

Saros EST Company is a professional manufacturer of stretch ceilings since 2007 located in Estonia. We introduce Saros Design brand in the European market.


Our stretch ceilings meet all the requirements of the European standard EN 14716: 2004 ‘Stretch ceilings – Requirements and test methods’. The quality management system of Saros Design is certified according to ISO 9001:2008.


We pay great attention to the quality of our products, contentious technical development. Our managers are always available for our clients in case if they need any help or support.


Why saros design



Variety of finishes and over 180 colours


Printed stretch ceilings
UV & Eco-solvent printing


3D and multilevel constructions
Stretch ceilings with “star sky” effect


Perforated and acoustic ceilings


Short production time


10 year warranty


CE & ISO9001:2008