Stretch ceiling

Oru 18A, 20205 Narva, Estonia
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  • 02.12.2016

    LuxLive London 2016

    We would like to say thank all the guests of our stand at LuxLive London 2016. It was a great lighting event for SAROS & Edward Ray International with mass of interest in our product and...
  • 15.11.2016

    New modular shape light fitting «BLUR».

    We would like to present you our new modular shape light fitting «BLUR». There are 4 different sections which can be combined into desired shape and size. So, this is a great lighting...
  • 19.10.2016

    NEW Light track by Saros Design!

    This track was developed for rectangular light box manufacturing. A diffuser is made from translucent PVC film (OT). It is recommended to install protective transparent PVC film to avoid ingress of...
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