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The history of stretch ceilings dates back to ancient times. It is known that similar room dressing was used in classical times in Egypt, Greece and Rome: silk cloth matching the wall colour was stretched coplanar with the ceiling.



Eventually, many other ways of ceiling dressing emerged, and stretch ceiling know-hows faded into oblivion until the 60s of the 20th century. In 1967, France came up with the idea of breathing new life into the stretch ceiling technology. New materials were crucial to this revival; the cloth that was heavy and quickly losing its decorative impact was replaced with plastic membrane made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Stretch ceiling are reported to have been re-invented in Sweden. However, it were the French who have perfected the PVC membrane production process, which is why stretch PVC ceilings are also known as ‘French ceilings’. However, in time, that name has become generic and does not refer to the country of origin any more.


SAROS DESIGN started stretch ceilings production under SAROS DESIGN trademark in 2000. Today, the company have their ceilings production facilities in Narva (Estonia), Stuttgart (Germany), Kiev (the Ukraine), and several branches in Russia. The company equipment fleet includes more than 20 welding machines for stretch ceilings production, whereas their tables are suitable for precision cutting of stretch ceiling membranes larger than 100 m2.


The SAROS EST production workshop (located in Narva, Estonia) is equipped with wide format plotters used for printing full-colour high definition images both onto PVC film and any other surfaces up to 6 mm in thickness (white and coloured film, metal, wood, glass and mirror glass, in particular, plastic etc.).


SAROS EST also manufactures acoustic stretch ceilings SAROS DESIGN СOMFORT. Such ceilings offer the possibility of comfortable acoustic environment in a room and a visually pleasing appearance typical for stretch ceilings.


  • more than 180 colour shades and finishes
  • any image can be printed onto SAROS DESIGN ceilings
  • three-dimensional and multilevel structures
  • stretch ceilings with a starry sky effect
  • perforated and acoustic ceilings
  • simple and fast to install
  • 10 years warranty
  • CE & ISO9001:2008




SAROS DESIGN designs, develops and manufactures indoor light fixtures and lighting systems providing general and decorative illumination of offices, shopping centres, car showrooms etc.

Please see our INDOOR LIGHTING SOLUTIONS catalogue for the full range of our indoor light fixtures with their specifications..
Since we have our own lighting manufacturing facilities, we do not limit ourselves to a standard product range; we develop and manufacture lighting solutions based on original and unconventional design sketches drawn by architects and designers.



Our company offers a range of manufacturing services including manufacturing of aluminium structures required for installation of multilevel ceilings and track backlighting and other designs. The fact that the structures are machine-manufactured makes 3D ceilings onsite installation within the shortest time period possible and eliminates the necessity of repeated visits to the customer site to measure the ceilings to be installed.

The structures are manufactured based on customer drawings or design sketches. Curved sections are manufactured without saw cuts, which ensures curve slickness and structure stiffness. The minimum curve radius is 250 mm.


The structures can be cut into sections at customer’s choice for better and cheaper transportability. The standard section length is 1 m. Assembly parts and components required for structural assembly are supplied together with the sections.


Send your final drawing or a design sketch for the structure desired drawn in a room layout or a room ceiling drawing. Please specify the dimensions marked with arrows and changes in ceiling level heights H.


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