UV printer of new generation!

UV printer of new generation!

High-end printing quality at a very attractive price!

📢 Hurry up and get your first order of the new type digital print at a promotional price! Details below 👇

We are happy to announce that in order to meet the increased requirements of our customers for quality, speed and functionality of large format printing, we have equipped our factory with a premium class UV plotter of the new generation. From now on, Saros Design is glad to offer you digital printing which has:

• rich volumetric colors

• high definition

• print width up to 5 meters

• high speed of printing

• ability to print on all types of PVC films and textile fabrics


The UV print can be made on white and colored roll materials, with the maximum width of 5 meters. The print quality only depends on the image chosen by you and doesn’t depend on the material where this image is going to be printed (matt, sateen, lacquer PVC or textile fabric). Our equipment also allows to use some completely new functions of printing on roll materials, which we’ll be able to offer our customers very soon.

Please follow our news and request printed samples from our managers.










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