Project Architettura Alderotti

Project Architettura Alderotti

Luminous stretch ceilings, light boxes, bespoke lighting solutions, all these eye-catching interior design elements can be easily created by Saros Design. We use one of our most marketable PVC stretch (translucent PVC) to execute this kind of projects.

Important details about this material👇

☑ width up to 5 m, limitless length. Large areas can be covered with this stretch ceiling with NO SEAM

☑ any image can be printed onto this material with Saros NEW wide format UV plotter https://sarosest.com/stretch-ceilings/art-ceilings/

☑ Fire certificates Bs1d0/Bs2d0

☑ Bio-Pruf ™ PVC option

☑ several color shades

Take a look at the pictures below to check a spectacular project carried out by our dear partner Saros Design Italia. Stylish lighting solution with a diffuser made of #SarosDesign translucent stretch PVC looks amazing!

Client Cassa di Risparmio di San Miniato SpA

Project Architettura Alderotti

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