Textile materials in use

Earlier we mentioned textile materials, so now we are going to tell you more about what we can make from it!

Textile products

First and foremost, it is textile ceilings: such ceilings can be used as a decorative element as well as an acoustic solution. More to that, we can also make prints on textile materials!

We can print literally any image in the world (with sufficient resolution of course). Given that another advantage of textile ceilings is durability, they can be also used as wall decorations. Such a print can be a separate element of decor with any image suitable for your interior. For example, a wall panel with your family photo! Printed on the fabric it will look almost like a painting. Or for office spaces, we could print a stunning company logo!

Finally, we can offer semi-translucent textiles to create impressive backlit ceilings or as a diffuser for lightboxes and luminaries.
And an additional bonus: the sheet width of textile can be up to 5 meters!

As you can see, there are many ways to use textile ceilings. Send us a message to know more about our products. Soon we are going to prepare a new price list and we will gladly send it to you upon request.

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