Backlit ceilings

We are back from the holidays! Today we are going to show you a great design idea: backlit ceilings.

Take a look at the photos to see what it looks like. In the daytime, nothing indicates that there is some complex construction and the ceiling looks perfectly simple. However, at nighttime, an elegant lighting solution appears. It makes the interior look much more sophisticated and visually widens the space.

Such a construction is possible thanks to our LED corner separator (inner) №37. This track is used as a corner separator for wall-to-ceiling or wall-to-wall ceilings. One can use it with the №15 cover strip or opaque 11 mm wide diffusers.

As you can see, this track’s abilities do not limit to one possible application. It is also useful for the following cases:
as a separator for inner niches requiring backlighting,
ceilings extended into wall panels,
backlighting of different level elevations,
and other application options.

The track can be used with a LED strip up to 10 mm. Finally, it is available in 2.5 m sections.

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