Seminar for designers in Saros training hub)

Usually, we divide our seminars for designers into two parts:

✔The first one is dedicated to the unlimited opportunities in interior design offered by using STRETCH CEILINGS and walls as finishing materials. A variety of finishes & colors, complex 3D shapes, backlit ceilings and walls, acoustic solutions, printed textile wallcoverings, etc. Surprisingly, despite stretch ceilings being available in the market for ages, many designers and constructors still have very poor knowledge about this product. We showcase projects implemented by our partners with Saros ceilings, walls, and lighting solutions, which constantly delight and inspire the audience.

✔The second part is about LIGHT and its influence on our lives. What is a candela? How do you choose light scenarios for your workspace to be productive, and for your bedroom to improve sleep quality? Why is CRI important for makeup?

In short, we provide practical life-hacks about light in our everyday lives.

Interested? Get in touch with us, and let’s schedule a seminar for you and your team!


+372 54 710494

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Additionally, we offer training courses for those interested in stretch PVC/textile ceiling installation. The full course consists of 4 modules. The first one is designed for beginners, and each subsequent module enhances and improves your installation skills, increasing the complexity of the tasks.

Read more about our training options here:


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