Acoustic ceilings by Saros

Acoustic ceilings by Saros

The SAROS DESIGN СOMFORT acoustic stretch ceilings featuring micro-perforated materials. They create acoustic comfort in a room as well as maintaining the visual appeal. Moreover, the perforation is done by Saros as well.

Acoustic stretch ceilings are a great solution for public spaces which are potentially very noisy. For example, restaurants or shopping malls. 

That is because the ceiling absorbs the sound waves instead of letting them reflect and create echo like an ordinary ceiling. This way the ceiling improves the quality of sound. Also, it is much more comfortable to be in a room. Moreover, a stretch ceiling is a very stylish echo solution.

In the photos, you can see 7 thousand little triangular acoustic ceilings made by Saros. This solution is successfully functioning in the Oshiland shopping mall in Kfar Saba, Israel.

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