A new way of mirror film installation

We are happy to introduce you our new development: a convenient and quick way to install a mirror film using a DAMPER. Mirror film is a very tricky material, not easy to install and fairly easy to damage when installed.

We suggest using our new technology for creating mirror panels based on P60, P80, and P130 profiles using a damper.

• The installation process is relatively simple, does not require special skills or special equipment

• No need to take accurate measurements down to every millimeter, the canvas is cut to size on the spot

• Installation requires only a spatula for “cold” installation (eg Pongs) and cotton gloves

• We have prepared detailed installation instructions, where we outlined all the stages and nuances of installation

This system can also be easily used for installing fabric if the installation is one-time and the installation and dismantling of fabrics will not be needed in the future. Take a look at the photos to see the structure, installation progress, and final result.

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