Seamless printed textile wallcovering JM

SEAMLESS PRINTED TEXTILE WALLCOVERING for public and private interior designs

✔ No seams! The wall height can extend up to 310cm (500cm available upon request), with practically UNLIMITED length.

✔ Choose your own image or pattern to match the style and color of your space.

✔Installation is easy, fast, and clean using standard water-based wallpaper paste.

✔ The material is durable, making it an excellent choice for public spaces.

✔ Eco-friendly: produced from recycled materials.

✔ Reaction to fire classification: Bs3d0.

The material is currently in stock. All we need to provide you with a personalized quotation is the area of your wall.

Order a FREE printed sample to assess the product’s quality!

Visit https://sarosest.com/stretch…/textile-wallcovering-jm/

Our team is here to address any inquiries you might have!

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