Saros Design stretch ceilings & Saros lighting solutions all-in-one project

#Sarosdesign stretch ceilings & #Saros lighting solutions all-in-one project designed, manufactured and installed by Saros team.

Slowly but surely, we are approaching the final stage of our big renovation project in our office in Narva, Estonia. There are just few details left. Guess what? Right! Stretch ceilings and light fixtures.

However, the main room is already finished. Take a look at our new cozy kitchen-dining room. The wall and ceiling are decorated with printed textile. Read more about this service here:



Every small detail of this cool image drawn by our talented designer Jana whet the appetite.

The ceiling is installed on the wall track with damper EuroSLOTT, which enables to create perfect corners. No covering strips needed.


And last but not least, the light fixture SWIRL-elegant and minimalistic. Aluminum body and soft PVC diffuser.

You can have it all!

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