Other ways to use stretch ceilings

Car show

There are many ways to use a stretch ceiling and here is one of the unusual ones!

Throughout the years we have cooperated with several car shows and showrooms. On the photos, you can see Saros stretch ceilings applied as a decorative background for a car exhibition spot. 

Matt stretch ceiling film looks bright and attracts the viewer’s attention. In addition, it also effectively reflects the light around the cars. But what is more important is that it is easy to install and deconstruct after the exhibition is over. Take a look at the installation process photo: how quickly the ceilings turn a sketchy wall into a stylish decor solution!

Finally, one more little bonus from stretch ceilings: it can be easily washed if needed! (without the use of abrasive materials of course)

We have used over 2500sqm of Grey, Red, and White Matt Stretch Ceiling material to create this project for the AUDI festival of speed in England together with No Grey Area International!

We are so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this great project together with our partners! 

Follow us to read more about our collaborations with car producers later this week!

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