NEW track from the KRAABsystems series-shadow track EuroKRAAB strong

We are pleased to present one more track from KRAABsystems series. It’s a shadow track KRAAB strong for PVC stretch ceilings.

EuroKRAAB track for PVC ceilings allows to get a perfectly even shadow gap between wall and ceiling and reach the effect of “floating ceiling”. This is a design solution that helps to combine the planes of the walls and ceiling. Thanks to this method, an even shadow gap remains on the wall, it feels like the ceiling is floating in the air, not touching the walls at all. Thanks to a well-thought-out solution, the structure is strong and does not bend, which allows you to get a perfectly even gap even with relative unevenness of the walls.

Due to the dark color of the track and the harpoon, it is possible to achieve a rich black color of the shadow gap. Using EuroKraab shadow tracks, you can get both a sharp, even angle of 90 degrees, and a smooth cut without folds.

EuroKRAAB Strong is required in the following cases:

• Large ceiling area;

• Necessary to fasten to porcelain stoneware;

• If the wall is not ideal: in this case, the use of a more rigid profile contributes to a more even line of the canvas, the curvature of the wall is leveled in the shadow gap.

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