Latest project: art print on textile

Have you ever considered having a textile ceiling? Many people don’t know that it’s an option, but at Saros, we offer a range of textiles for our stretch ceilings, including a custom print option. You can give us any image and we’ll print it on your ceiling up to 5m wide. https://sarosest.com/stretch-ceilings/art-ceilings/

🧼But the real game-changer in our textile range is JM Pure White, a washable textile. You might be wondering, why to wash a ceiling? Well, a white ceiling can quickly get dirty during the installation process, so having the option to wash it is a great bonus.

And now, we’re proud to share our newest project featuring art-printed textile ceilings. Check out the photos of our production process, where we carefully process each piece and pack it for safe delivery. The image quality is outstanding and our careful production process ensures that every detail is perfect

.🛒And more: we also offer a wide range of tracks for both textile and PVC ceilings, so you can order a complete set from one place. https://sarosest.com/product_cat/fixing-tracks/

Including installation tools and accessories: such as trowels, connectors, ventilation grids, and even a gas heater! https://sarosest.com/…/equipment-and-instruments-for…/

Upgrade your space with a unique and customizable textile ceiling from Saros! Contact us to learn more and start your project today:
+372 3566320

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