Internal and external power supplies for track lighting systems

Welcome another addition to our track lighting systems product range: power supplies at 48V. We have TWO options on offer: internal and external power supplies.

We believe it’s essential to offer our clients a complete solution for ceiling design. When choosing a track lighting system to illuminate your premises, you’ll find everything you need at Saros:

Two types of magnetic tracks: https://sarosest.com/product_cat/track-lighting-systems-48v/ with all the necessary accessories and power supplies
Spotlights for magnetic tracks: https://sarosest.com/product_cat/track-lighting-systems-48v-m20-spotlights/

We can provide you with a complete set. Feel free to choose the most suitable type for your project.

Send a message to our managers to receive a complete price list including ceilings, services, and more!

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