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International Airport of Bari Italy

We really love Italian projects 🇮🇹. They all feature creative design, bold visuals, complexity, and professional performance. Furthermore, our Italian partners are generous enough to share pictures of the completed projects with us, which we greatly appreciate!
Take a look at another stunning project designed by Michele Gaudiomonte and implemented by our dear partners Donato Castoro & Filippo Cristallo.
Four printed panels for the International Airport of Bari (Italy) have been manufactured and supplied by the Saros team.
Our wide-format plotter allows us to print on PVC and textile material with a width of up to 5m, creating art ceilings and walls of large format with NO seams.
Project: International Airport of Bari, Italy
Designer: Michele Gaudiomonte
Installers: Donato Castoro, Filippo Cristallo
Material: Translucent stretch PVC OT01, UV print
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