Training course completed by family team Caldara Pitturazioni!

One more training course has been completed at Saros Training Center!

This time, we were pleased to host a brilliant family team Caldara Pitturazioni from sunny Italy, who were brave enough to visit snowy Estonia in February, the coldest month of the year. They had a 2-day training, encompassing both theory and practice, which elevated their installation skills to a new level. Thank you for choosing us as trainers and suppliers!

At Saros Est, we provide specialized training courses on PVC/textile ceiling installation.

This training is suitable for both beginners and experienced installers who do not confine themselves to standard projects but are constantly seeking new skills, design ideas, and installation options. The full course consists of 4 different modules:

Module #1: Basic course for beginners (theory and practice) – Ideal for those with no prior experience in PVC ceiling installation, starting from scratch.

Module #2: Textile ceiling installation (theory and practice)

Module #3: Luminous ceilings/wall panels installation (light windows, light lines, “floating” ceilings, etc.) (theory and practice)

Module #4: Stretch PVC/textile installation on KRAAB systems/SLOTT tracks (theory and practice)

Each module lasts 1 day, and you can take all of them as a full course or choose the modules that interest you. The maximum group size is 4 persons.

Start learning!

If you are ready to elevate your skills to the next level, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for more details and rates.

Feel free to schedule your visit:

+372 54710494

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: Training course completed by family team Caldara Pitturazioni!

Well done, Caldara Pitturazioni! Thank you for trusting us!


Quick tip to have only the best ceilings in 2023:

One of the most common mistakes during installation is OVERHEATING. It happens especially often near the edges of the ceiling. Take a look at the picture: at first, the overheated spot becomes thinner and darker, and then it melts down. We filmed a little demonstration for you: see yourself how beautiful white ceiling gets a dark overheated spot on it.

Don’t repeat this with your ceilings!

And if you want to know everything about professional installation we have a special training course on PVC/textile ceilings installation. The course consists of 4 modules of theory and practice in our training facility. See more at our website: https://sarosest.com/dealers/

+372 3566320

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