Estonian Stretch Ceilings Union EPEL meeting with designers

A collection of beautiful photos from our Friday meeting with interior designers in Tallinn, Estonia.

It was Saros’ second joint event with our esteemed partners from the Estonian Stretch Ceilings Union #EPEL . A couple of months ago, we participated in the Estonian Interior Design Fair, and last Friday, we arranged a special event for a select group of interior designers to discuss LIGHT and its impact on interiors and, ultimately, the quality of our lives.

The agenda included three presentations:

The first presentation was a long but fascinating theoretical discussion covering all aspects of light. It explained how to interpret technical details provided by suppliers and how to verify this information. We delved into why the temperature of light and CRI are crucial when creating an interior project and how the right lighting scenarios can increase visitor flow in retail spaces. Many other helpful and specific topics were also covered.

The second presentation showcased the capabilities of the local manufacturer Saros Est to create stunning custom lighting solutions right here in Estonia. We aimed to inspire our guests with pictures and stories about Saros’ ambitious projects.

The final part was very practical, featuring an informative presentation of light fixtures and lighting system solutions provided by members of our union.

The number of participants was limited to ensure we could give attention to every guest and answer all their questions, which were numerous. We now see that these types of events are highly sought after, and we have already planned the next one with a new exciting topic, set to take place in early Fall 2024.

There is nothing better than such informative and cozy face-to-face meetings with inspired people who share a passion for design!

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