New charming project with Saros printed stretch ceiling in the Netherlands

Take a look at this charming project in the Netherlands, implemented by our highly valued partner Indara Spanplafonds & Verlichting.

The idea was to replace the old decoration on the bar’s ceiling with a new contemporary design that complements the interior of this authentic place. The client commissioned a custom image from a graphic designer, and the Saros team manufactured a printed ceiling by applying the image to the stretched PVC material.

At #SarosEst, we specialize in crafting art ceilings and walls with high-quality UV printing. Our 5-meter-wide plotter enables us to create interior design elements featuring unique designs and infuse your space with vibrant, vivid colors. Explore an extensive selection of images on #Shutterstock, or describe your vision for the interior, and our designers will assist you in finding the perfect image to match your design concept.

To assess the print quality and select the appropriate finish, please don’t hesitate to contact us and request a set of complimentary samples!

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