FREE set of print samples

Have you ordered your FREE set of print samples from Saros?

Have you already ordered your FREE set of print samples from Saros?

❗Yes, it is completely free!

We understand, that before ordering an entire ceiling with your new printing option, you would like to see a sample print in person. That’s why we have prepared these folders!

Order your set of 9 stretch ceiling materials with various colorful prints on it by sending a message info@sarosest.com or calling us +372 (35) 6-63-20. And we will send you a completely free folder with samples. Our new device allows us to make prints up to 5 meters wide and use a variety of materials, including regular film, translucent film, textured films, and textiles.

You can also find a full list of managers’ contacts here: sarosest.com/contacts

Don’t hesitate and ask for your samples!👇


+372 3566320



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