Stretch ceiling

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We are starting taking orders for cutout stretch ceilings manufactured using an automatic hole-cutting system. The cutting plotter we use makes it possible to cut any pattern (the minimum hole diameter – 2,5 cm) quickly and with high precision. You can order cutout ceilings of various finishes up to 500 cm wide from us. Download the catalogue of patterns for cutout stretch ceilings Please contact our managers for more information!

technologie DAY-NIGHT

We are delighted to share the exciting news with you – we are about to start manufacture of photo-print DAY-NIGHT stretch ceilings. A photo-print DAY-NIGHT stretch ceiling is a membrane with an image printed on both sides: on the front side (DAY) and on the back side (NIGHT). The key point of the DAY-NIGHT technology is the fact that one sees the image (DAY) printed on the front side when the LED backlighting is off. However, when the lighting placed behind the ceiling membrane is on, the image (NIGHT) printed on the back side becomes visible. Ceiling with backlighting off Image Space1. DAY. Photo-printed on a Satin-finish ceiling Ceiling with LED backlighting on  Image Space1. NIGHT. Photo-printed on a Satin-finish ceilin watch video here At the moment, we apply the UV-printing method to:   1. Satin-finish film (the maximum seamless width – 500 cm) without any restrictions with regards to the ceiling size: Full-colour two-side (DAY-NIGHT) printing on white-finish material Back-side (NIGHT) printing on white-finish material Back-side...
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